Oregon is a very diverse state that must have every voice heard in order to serve the needs of all of its citizens, but no voice should keep our government from doing what it must do to meet those needs. There is one voice, however, that must be heard above all others and that is the voice of reason. As your governor I shall follow the path this voice lays out.

                  WHO I AM

I was born in Seattle on March 13, 1952 and grew up in its eastern suburbs. I attended the University of Washington where I graduated in 1974 with a BA in German and Political Science. I had planned to join the Foreign Service or become a Social Studies teacher. Neither happened, so I kept doing what I had my last year before graduation and that is cooking at a restaurant. I became a serious chef because of what I call my anti-mentor. He was the kitchen manager but cared nothing for the food.  This was just a beginning point on his management career path. I couldn't stand to see him put out such bad food, so I stepped up to take on more culinary responsibility and got positive feedback from customers. It led to a long career as a chef in fine dining. That desire to step up when others don't is why I am a city councilor and the chair of the Baker County Democrats. I want to step up again and provide the leadership this state needs for a successful future.

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